Should you be writing infographics?

I’m a little embarrassed to admit this. But three years ago I hadn’t even heard of infographics. Now they’re everywhere!
In fact, according to a recent survey, infographics rank in the top 10 types of marketing communications that B2B companies will be investing in this year.
To me, that’s astounding. Infographics – essentially a cool way of visually presenting information — is becoming as important to companies as white papers, emails and websites!
Should you be writing or creating infographics for your clients?
If you want to, but think you can’t because you don’t have the design skills, think again.
I recently interviewed an expert on infographics, Dave Paradi, for my “10 minutes with…” series.
During that interview, he explained how copywriters and business writers can create infographics for clients, without needing any special software or design skills. (Which is good news for me because I can barely draw a convincing stickman.)
If you’re interested in tapping the red hot infographic market, listen to my 10-minute interview with Dave here:

Based on what I’m learning from Dave, I’m planning on offering infographic creation services to my clients in the near future.

Maybe you should too.

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