How to Push the TURBO DRIVE on Your Marketing Copy

My wife and I stopped by a bike shop last week. We weren’t actively shopping; just curious about the electric-assist bikes (e-bikes) and thought we’d check them out.

The salesperson showed us one and went over the dozens of features. Frankly, it was information-overload.

Then he offered us a test drive.

Soon we were in an empty parking lot across the street, and my wife was sitting enthusiastically on the e-bike. After a quick orientation, the salesperson said, “Okay, when you’re comfortable with the feel and operation, see that lever there?” He pointed. “That’s the turbo drive. Give it a push. Then hang on!”

I watched my wife do a couple of turns around the lot and then, with some trepidation, push the turboZoooooom! She got an instant boost of acceleration. I could see her grinning ear-to-ear. She loved it.

And that’s when I knew we had just bought the e-bike!

I doubt the salesperson realized it, but what he did was use a persuasive copywriting technique. He highlighted the one feature that he knew would sway us. Sure, the other features — battery life, range, warranty, customer reviews, etc. — were important. But it was the fun of pushing the turbo that clinched the sale.

When I teach copywriting workshops, I often call this technique “Highlighting the clincher.” But I now think “Pushing the turbo drive” describes it better!

Here’s how this copywriting technique works:

  • Review the main features of your product or service.
  • Pick the feature that is most likely to get the prospect excited about the corresponding outcome or benefit.
  • Bring that feature to life in your copy by highlighting and expanding on it.

Say, for example, you’re writing an email promoting a free webinar. The topic is “How to Run Effective Online Meetings in the Age of Screen Fatigue.” (I realize the popular expression is ZOOM fatigue but, hey, it’s not their fault!)

When you review the webinar’s main features, you determine that a feature that is likely to get prospects excited is the free 7-Point Online Meeting Checklist, which participants receive as a PDF.

So what you want to do is make that feature front and center in your promotion. Highlight it. Expand on it. Provide an example. Give it a starring role in your “Before and After” story.

Or… you can save it until the end and use it as a motivating extra in your call-to-action.

Either way, your email is going to be more persuasive and likely to get more clicks.

That’s the turbo technique. Try it the next time you’re writing an ad, email or landing page.

This article was originally published on LinkedIn Pulse here.

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