Copy Coaching (for individuals and teams)

Get my results-boosting advice, ideas and feedback on your sales or marketing piece

Wouldn’t it be helpful to have an expert go over your copy, identify how to make it stronger and more effective, and then explain, step-by-step, how to make those changes?

That’s what my Copy Coaching sessions are all about.

It’s an affordable choice when you (or your team) have an email, ad, landing page or an entire campaign written and want expert advice to transform it into a winner.

Here’s how it works

The process is simple and convenient:

  • You send the sales emails or marketing pieces you want to improve. (Rough works-in-progress are okay!)
  • We schedule a ZOOM meeting where I review the copy with you or your team.
  • I show you the changes you need to make to improve the copy and get better results. (Think: more leads, conversions, sales.)
  • I’ll often come up with new headlines, benefit lines and other copy elements on the spot.
  • I’ll also point out the copywriting techniques I’m using, so, for you or your team, it becomes as much a learning experience as it is a consultation.
  • The session is recorded, so you or your team can go back to it later.

And the best part is, I block off time for coaching sessions each week. (They’re very popular!) So you can usually schedule a session within two or three days.

Better results in just one hour

One of the challenges in optimizing marketing copy is losing perspective. It can be difficult to identify how to make a sales page, email campaign, or ad better because you (or your team) are too close.

In a Feedback & Advice Session, I review your copy with a fresh set of eyes.

Leveraging my 25 years of creating copy that gets results, I’ve developed a knack for quickly seeing ways to boost response and conversions — while also coming up with new breakthrough ideas.

No wonder speaker and consultant Monique Caissie raved, “In less than one hour of consultation, Steve saw what the problems were [on our website], restructured the sequence, tightened up the language, and it changed everything.”

Schedule a Feedback & Advice Session Today

You’ll be surprised how much we can accomplish in just an hour. You’ll end up with a rejuvenated sales email, landing page, ad, or entire campaign that brings in more business. Plus, you or your team will learn valuable new copywriting techniques, so everyone will be writing better.

A sampling of clients who rave about Steve’s copywriting expertise and training programs: